Hearing aids

Hearing aids

Guru Hearing Care are hearing aid specialists in Wolverhampton. There are currently over 1000 different hearing aid systems on the market, in every sort of shape, size, colour, price and performance level.  Somewhere amongst this rich palette of options will be your ideal hearing instrument solution.  We will spend time to get to know, in detail, every part of your lifestyle and all your listening situations.  We will use all this information together with your test results, your personal preferences and budget to find the specific device that is best for you.

Your hearing aid is like a new tailor made suit – only as good as the tailor that fits you.  No two ears are the same so your aids will be made to measure for each ear. We will ensure each of your aids are a perfect fit.


Learning To Hear Better

Once fitted with your aids, the journey to better hearing begins.  Remember the hearing aids are only 50% of the solution, the other 50% is rebuilding and restoring the ability to hear ‘lost’ sounds.  As your ears haven’t worked properly for some time, they have starved the hearing centre in your brain of sound. Wearing your hearing aids will activate your ears to send sound to the hearing centre in your brain and ‘wake it up’.  Initially you’re hearing centre will be bombarded with lots of sound, some of which you think you don’t want to hear. As time goes by your hearing centre will learn to ‘tune’ in to the wanted sounds like speech, radio, birdsong and ‘ignore’ the unwanted sounds like general background sounds.

Hearing Aid Aftercare

It will be  an exciting and challenging time for you and we will help you every step of the way with our structured rehabilitation aftercare programme, this includes your own personal Guide to Better Hearing Pack with on-going feedback pages and our regular scheduled appointments with you to continue to fine tune your hearing aids in line with your experience and feedback.


I would  like to thank you for the amount of time you spend attending to my hearing at each consultation. Your attention to detail is impressive. Your patience, professionalism  and  level of personal service is  second to none.  Nothing is too much trouble. Also I’d like to thank you for visiting my 95 year old mother to carry out her  hearing test in her home.


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