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Guru Hearing Care’s oldest patient becomes a centenarian!

A massive congratulations to Bert who turned the spectacular age of 100 this August. Onkar made a visit to see Bert, check on his ears and take a quick selfie! Bert is inspirational, always has a smile and cheery manner for all his visitors and it is a pleasure and an honour to be able to have him […]

Your Hearing Aids in UK Hottest Summer in 42 Years!

Whilst we want everyone to enjoy the sun just a few tips to maintaining your hearing aids so they continue to work to their optimum in such unprecedented weather. Sunlight/Heat Don’t leave your aids in direct sunlight as the aid casing and batteries can be damaged by high temperatures.  Avoid leaving your aids or batteries […]

Customer feedback: A very different experience….

I was recommended to go to Guru Hearing Care. Initially the most striking thing was Onkar’s enthusiasm for his products. He took time to explain how these particular aids worked and stressed that finding the best possible solution for me would take time. After comprehensive and rigorous testing he decided on the appropriate aids which […]

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