Customer feedback: A very different experience….

Customer feedback: A very different experience….

I was recommended to go to Guru Hearing Care. Initially the most striking thing was Onkar’s enthusiasm for his products. He took time to explain how these particular aids worked and stressed that finding the best possible solution for me would take time.

After comprehensive and rigorous testing he decided on the appropriate aids which were ordered and fitted. He was keen that any problem should be reported to him immediately: His policy is that for as long as it takes to fine tune the aids, he is on hand. Indeed he fitted me into his schedule some five or six times in the first months. I was never made to feel I was being demanding or unreasonable.

I cannot overstate the levels of service from both Onkar and Mandip. I was about to write that after three months my aids have been tweaked and adjusted and modified and my hearing is now significantly better than it has been for some years – which was true. However this morning one of my dogs ate my hearing aids so Mandip has promised they will find me something to use until they are replaced!

Wonderful service, expensive but extraordinarily effective aids. Highly recommended.

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